Josuke attended an international school from an early age. He was exposed to music worldwide and grew up influenced by many cultures. He transferred to a new school in his third year of middle school, where he began his musical activities with his classmates.

After graduating from high school, Josuke formed the band SINSEMILLA and became its songwriter and vocalist. Fusing romance and hard rock, their solo concert in their home, Nagoya, drew over 150 people, despite being completely self-produced. SINSEMILLA disbanded in 2008. In 2011, Josuke started his own business, Artory Co., Ltd., with his former band members, sublimating their creative activities during their band days into a business.

He resumed his music career in 2016 while expanding his business, becoming the solo artist Josuke in 2018. His first single, Yume no naka de, topped the Apple Music J-Pop music video chart in France. His fourth single, Kagero, topped the Italian iTunes Store J-pop song chart and the Russian Apple Music J-pop music video chart, reaching 930,000 views on the video streaming service GYAO! As an artist, he produces songs and even leads teams to direct all his music videos, delivering his works worldwide.

In January 2022, Josuke released his first album, "Beyond The Sin," featuring reworked songs from the SINSEMILLA era with dubstep, future bass, EDM, and R&B sounds.


Entered Nagoya International School.
Received international education for 12 years and acquired native English skills and computer skills.(until 2001)
Mastered the HTML language. Made a homepage for the first time.
Mastered Perl. It achieved 700,000 accesses in chat rooms and self-made game-centric sites, but moved away from IT because of the awakening of band activities.(until 2010)
Formed the band “SINSEMILLA”, where JOSUKE wrote, composed and vocalized.(until 2008)
Served as a personality for three and a half years on the radio program "HOT i SQUARE" provided by docomo.(until 2009)
Serves as a model for apparel brands.
Jan. Founded ARTI FACTORY as a private business.
Dec. Established ARTI FACTORY Inc. (currently ARTORY Inc.).
Resumed music activities for the project “50HEARTS”, where he is a producer and singer-songwriter.
Dec. Released 1st single “Yume no Nakade” in the name of solo artist “JOSUKE”.
Jan. Released 1st album “Beyond the Sin”.