Sentimental and sweet, a masculine style without violence or gruffness――Established December 2018. A solo project by singer-songwriter Josuke Sato where he expresses his worldviews in emotional lyrics atop sentimental melodies that ring through the high notes with his clear, gentle voice. The electronic feel of the songs, in which he sings bilingually in both English and Japanese, aspires to a masculine coolness and has gained widespread attention from both Japan and abroad.

He is currently producing independently within ARTORY, for which he is also a representative director.
Besides music, he is engaged in creative work in everything from music video direction to editing.

He spent 12 years in international school, from preschool to middle school, and he grew up being influenced by the religions and histories of a variety of countries. He was inspired to start making music by a friend he met as a transfer student in his third year of middle school.

He formed the band SINSEMILLA in 2005 after graduating high school and worked as a vocalist, composer, and lyricist. Despite being completely independent, he managed to draw over 150 people to his one man concerts in his hometown of Nagoya with his fusion of romance and hard rock. The band broke up in 2008, but he was resolute in wanting to continue to work with the other members. In 2011, he established ARTORY alongside his partners from his band days. There, he works in fields like web design, capitalizing on the exceptional programming skills he's had since childhood.

While continuing to expand his business, he returned to music with 50 HEARTS project in 2016, and starting in 2018 he began preparing to perform as the solo artist JOSUKE. With that, he started a project for re-releasing songs from his band days in arrangements that fit with today. For the first single, he released "Yume no Nakade" online in December of that same year. The song was arranged by Kazuki Sugawara in a romantic pop sound, a far cry from the original band feel, with JOSUKE's sweet, sentimental voice featuring prominently, and it succeeded in showing the beauty of the music from a different point of view. As of April 2019, the project is on its fifth single. Subsequent releases are planned through this fall.


Entered Nagoya International School.
Received international education for 12 years and acquired native English skills and computer skills.(until 2001)
Mastered the HTML language. Made a homepage for the first time.
Mastered Perl. It achieved 700,000 accesses in chat rooms and self-made game-centric sites, but moved away from IT because of the awakening of band activities.(until 2010)
Formed the band “SINSEMILLA”, where JOSUKE wrote, composed and vocalized.(until 2008)
Served as a personality for three and a half years on the radio program "HOT i SQUARE" provided by docomo.(until 2009)
Serves as a model for apparel brands.
Jan. Founded ARTI FACTORY as a private business.
Dec. Established ARTI FACTORY Inc. (currently ARTORY Inc.).
Resumed music activities for the project “50HEARTS”, where he is a producer and singer-songwriter.
Dec. Released 1st single “Yume no Nakade” in the name of solo artist “JOSUKE”.