First collaboration of two revolutionary people
Costume "VEDUTA" worn in "Kagerou" music videoWritten interview: Hiroaki Morino / Editing: Taiyo Tajima

2019 / 09 / 26

To send kimono to the world

The music video (MV) of “Kagero” released as JOSUKE's latest work has been released. The costume that JOSUKE is wearing is the street kimono brand “VEDUTA”.

JOSUKE dressing up VEDUTA at the shooting site of MV

VEDUTA designer Hitoshi Watanabe has long been familiar with JOSUKE, and the collaboration has come true.

"The first encounter was at the end of two years ago. A common acquaintance introduced "There is an interesting guy who came to Nagoya from Sado Island in Niigata to send Japanese clothes to the world." Even though it was winter, he was wearing a warm yukata and sweating hot and hot (laughs). There was a great impact." (JOSUKE)

"At first, I wanted to make a website for "VEDUTA", so I consulted with JOSUKE, but it wasn't a good deal. But then we met again at the restaurant we were indebted to, and we got along (laughs)." (Mr. Watanabe)

Meeting of costumes for MV shooting

Japanese armor that was a procession in Milan

Mr. Watanabe is from Sado Island. He moved to Tokyo to go on to university and after graduating he got a job at apparel. In 2008, when he was 21 years old, he “rediscovered” Japanese clothes in Milan.

"I went to study clothes, but I realized that clothes made for Westerners cannot exceed foreigners. At that time, I saw Milan people line up at a Japanese armor exhibition and came up with an idea to send Japanese clothes to the world. So I decided to launch a brand in 10 years." (Mr. Watanabe)

VEDUTA was founded in January 2018, just 10 years later. Their vision is to propose kimono as street fashion.

"Even if you are Japanese, you don't want to wear kimono or Japanese patterns just because you are born in that culture, and you only choose them if you think they are cool. Therefore, the latest trends that cut out the times, such as the world landscape, architecture, and art, are incorporated into Japanese clothes. There are no other brands doing this, so VEDUTA has no competition (laughs). It is also a repulsion to the kimono industry, which can only raise the price for self-protection." (Mr. Watanabe)

Independence and diversity that modern Japanese people are losing

Sado Island, where Mr. Watanabe was born, was once an exile for the emperors and aristocrats who were torn down in Kyoto. Heretic children such as Sarugakushi Zeami and Nichiren Saints arrived, and it was said that a unique culture was built that blended the latest trends and traditions of the city despite the isolated sea.

Aerial view off Sado Island
Local people dancing folk song Sado Okesa
Kyogen with Sado and the Echigo peasant

"An island where destruction and creation were repeated. From a historical point of view, Japan's strength is acceptability. I launched VEDUTA to awaken the independence and diversity that modern Japanese people are losing." (Mr. Watanabe)

When JOSUKE described it as “sharp”, Mr. Watanabe laughed and said, “JOSUKE is also together.” This collaboration is an idea from JOSUKE.

"At first I had a fixed concept in Japanese clothes, and there was an image of a band with the theme of Japanese music, such as Kagrra and Onmyoza in the visual kei music scene. So I thought it would not fit my music. However, I noticed that VEDUTA's kimono has an innovative image rather than a traditional one, and thought it might fit into the world of JOSUKE. I was a little worried about wearing it though (laughs)." (JOSUKE)

JOUSKE who served as a new model of VEDUTA

"It was a coordination that wouldn't be possible if you were a person other than JOSUKE. You got a lot of try-ons, and the last pink and green that you got to was really hooked." (Mr. Watanabe)

JOSUKE looks good with sexy things

It was in the head of JOSUKE from the beginning to go with “yukata on yukata”, putting yukata on yukata. The yukata with pink gradation that is worn underneath is printed on the entire surface of the sandy beach of Elousera Island, where Princess Diana visited on her honeymoon.
On top of that, JOSUKE put on a green yukata with the motif of Mojito, a South American cocktail.

As a result of careful selection, we adopt pink × green color scheme

"Mojito's etymology is “wet your partner”. It's a liquor that you use to seduce. After all, JOSUKE looks good with sexy things." (JOSUKE)

This is not the first time VEDUTA has provided costumes to artists. K-POP Group's M.FECT, Manji Line (Yosuke Kubozuka), Hiphop Legend's Gaki Ranger, etc. have been wearing on stage and steel so far.

In 2019, a collaboration with JOSUKE was realized. I grew up in HIPHOP all the time, and when I was young, I made my own track and lived in a club in Shibuya. Even VEDUTA is conscious of HIPHOP. Although it may be difficult to connect in terms of image, I think that JOSUKE also feels the anti-skeletal flow that flows to the bottom of HIPHOP, and the feeling is close." (Mr. Watanabe)

JOSUKE and Mr. Watanabe who finished the interview at ARTORY Office

I want to go out to the world together

The two seem to have many parts that communicate with each other ideologically.

"I think the core is the same, only the way of expression is different. The more we are together, the more I feel. Each sense is different, but the wavelength is right. I have a connection with the same age, and it is a special existence that I want to go out to the world together from now on." (JOSUKE)

The first collaboration, “Kagerou” is the first step to walk together. I'm looking forward to seeing what “VEDUTA (scenery)” the revolutionary of the same age will be showing.

(Written interview: Hiroaki Morino / Editing: Taiyo Tajima "BLOCKBUSTER")

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