2021 / 12 / 24

December 24, 2021 (Thursday) “Serenade (Piano Vibe Remix)” MV has been released

December 24, 2021 (Thursday) “Serenade (Piano Vibe Remix)” MV has been released

On December 24, 2021, the official MV of the song that rearranged the 2nd single "Serenade" released in 2019 with the piano version was released on Youtube. It was arranged by Kazuki Sugawara (anre * f), who has worked on many JOSUKE songs. The transparent piano melody line, which has been simply re-arranged, dramatically and emotionally expresses the sad and sweet love of adults. The new sound reborn from the original draws out the charm of JOSUKE's mellow singing voice.
The music video was shot at the studio "ATELIER ARTORY" represented by JOSUKE. The music video, which is simply composed according to the atmosphere of the music, takes us to a new frontier with cinema-quality images and JOSUKE's singing voice.

Serenade piano ver.

Songwritten: JOSUKE
Arranged: Kazuki Sugawara (anre*f Inc.)
Mastered: Takeo Kira (Mastering Studio TEMAS)

MV Director: Josuke Sato (ARTORY Inc.)
MV Shooting: Yuki Hayashi (ARTORY Inc.)
MV Editor: Josuke Sato (ARTORY Inc.)
Hair & Make-up: Kaoru Saito